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About the restaurant

Wisdom comes with age, and it is beyond any price. Nations that keep the wisdom of their ancestors are blessed with its grace. For centuries, the East slowly accumulated its legends, which eventually turned out to be treasures for those of us living on this earth.

From time immemorial, Oriental nations have had a quivering attitude toward their traditions: respect for parents, the elderly and one\'s home, love for children and the earth, and of course hospitality, about which a lot has already been said, and about which one can endlessly talk about.

The cordiality and warmth with which you will be welcomed in every house, as well as the choicest dishes that stagger you by virtue of their variety are the embodiment of the definition of what real Oriental hospitality is all about.

Alasha Restaurant was launched to look like the palace of a khan, and it is maintained in Oriental style:

  • Domes decorated with ceramic tiles;
  • Fretted doors, gates and pillars that are masterpieces of skilful masters and are exact replicas of those in ancient palaces;
  • Cosy summer-houses and tents always kept fresh mountain breezes;
  • A gurgling mountain brook that freshens the air further with its coolness;
  • The Khan Room in \'Palace\' style contains certain contemporary elements that give it the extra mien of rich ancient decoration;
  • The Hookah, in which you will be able to encounter a fuller Oriental experience while reposing on a trestle-bed and smoking a hookah with the aroma of different sorts of fruits.

The Alasha is a hand-made carpet which, according to legend, is intended for honoured and welcomed guests. Upon entering a house, visitors are always offered soul-enlivening tea and a variety of victuals from among their Oriental cuisine menus. The wizard-cooks of our restaurant will prepare the choicest of traditional dishes: tasty and well-flavoured pilaf, traditional Oriental flat cakes, succulent samosas with golden crispy crusts. Your soul will be contented with the traditional sorpa broth cooked with tender mutton. Also on the menu are 20 kinds of kebabs that are exquisite enough to satisfy the desires of any gourmet. Finally, the tandyr-roasted mutton - a real Khan dish - will be on your table to stagger your imagination.

Not a single table laid by the hospitable hosts will be void of Oriental cookies. Tender and light Pahlava that readily dissolves in the mouth, Iranian pistachios, dried apricots, sweet Kishmish, Shirin Bodom almonds and, of course, fresh juicy fruits from the "Golden Gardens" of the East will be theirs for the tasting.

Soaring rope-walkers will take your breath away and as they completely fascinate you with their skills. You will also be bewitched by the smooth dances and meticulous pirouettes of our "Beauties from the East".

The modulation of favourite Oriental melodies will caress the ears of our guests as they harmoniously blend with the sound of singing quails under the dome, with the prattles of the mountain brook, and the shuffling of leaves that hang over the water.

The desire to become completely absorbed in fairy-tales never desert us from childhood. But fuss and endless worries deprive us of the time or possibility to fulfil this dream. But we would like to make this dream of yours come true.


We have tried to materialize your imaginations by creating within the walls of our restaurant a unique and charming Oriental Tale Corner. We are ready to present you with the world of a children\'s dream come true, but that has not lost its fairy-tale features. Feel the care and love we have to offer, and permit us to narrate to you this Oriental fairy-tale with a happy end.